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Unified Stanford Dependencies

:rich linguistic annotation for Modern Hebrew texts


This page provides rich linguistic annotation for Modern Hebrew, extending the Stanford Dependencies Scheme (SD) scheme of De-Marneff et al 2006. We provide synchronized analyses of syntactic categories, functional features and morphological information, for Hebrew raw texts.


Both resources are annotated with grammatical function labels from the U-SD scheme defined in Tsarfaty 2013. The treebanks come in two flavors: In addition, the treebanks include morphological and syntactic information percolated to all levels of the parse tree.


The treebanks are derived from the Hebrew treebank developed at the the knowledge center for processing Hebrew at the Technion. The code for generating the trees is a part of the UniPar project at Uppsala university.


The treebanks are in the data directory.


The are distributed under the GPL v3 license or the license currently published on MILA's website -- the more restrictive license applies. This page is provided as a free service with no particular guarantees.


If you found these resources useful for academic or other publications please cite

Reut Tsarfaty, A Unified Morpho-Syntactic Scheme of Stanford Dependencies, In: Proceedings of ACL, 2013 [pdf]