TedEval: An Architecture for Cross-Experiment Parse Evaluation

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TedEval is distributed under this open source license. It is easy to install and start using it. If you have any questions contact us.

Recent releases

TedEval 2.2 (SPMRL Shared Task 2013) October 6 2013TedEval-2.2.tar.gz TedEval-2.2.zip
TedEval 2.1 (ACL 2012) July 10 2012TedEval-2.1.tar.gz TedEval-2.1.zip
TedEval 2.0 (EACL 2012) April 24 2012TedEval-2.0.tar.gz TedEval-2.0.zip
TedEval 1.0 (EMNLP 2011) June 30 2011TedEval-1.0.tar.gz TedEval-1.0.zip